Diaries of silence
Seven days long participants of the experiment live without mobile phones, Internet access, social media, and speechless, keeping diaries about their experience of silence.
The Experiment
Seven days
1. No gadgets
2. No talks
Along the experiment participants keep their diaries and describe their observations, feelings, and experience of silence.
The Experiment
Seven days

1. No use gadgets
2. No talks

Along the experiment participants keep their diaries and describe their observations, feelings, and experience of silence.
2012 year
Experiment began
150 people
Take part
20 - 45 y.o.
Age of participants
Not so often, a modern citizen imposes a schism on themselves. Usually, most of the restrictions apply to food: diets, religious holidays, fasting. Someone quit smoking, someone stops using foul language. It is always a correction of oneself.
Silence is a different thing. I distance from everyone, change my angle of view ... Then, of course, I notice that all the people around, including myself, use this medium - speech - more intensively than they - we - should. Now I have a new one - my silence.
Most people are interested in it: they poke a finger at it, try to take it apart to see how it works (it turns out, most often, it's a shame, people are disrespectful and tactless, and I’m like that myself). Some people do not notice immediately and only when they are told. And it’s not a news either: people concentrate on themselves, this, as you say, is normal".

First results
Almost all participants in the experiment describe to varying degrees the feeling of helplessness, loss and anxiety due to the inability to speak and use familiar media; the difficulty of being alone with ourselves; fears of looking inferior; worries that talking again will be difficult or simply odd and unwanted.

"This is probably the beauty of silence and the whole point of this experiment - when you are silent, you are as if alone with yourself".

Some participants note a sense of exclusiveness and superiority: the experiment gives the feeling of significance, sets one apart from the crowd; routine actions and usual events take on a new meaning.
At the same time, the dependence on others, on social connections feels more sharply and becomes a problem.

"And I also got a feeling of fear. What if during this week of silence everyone gets used to the fact that I am a modest and quiet invisible man and forgets about me?"

Daily routine
Most participants went to bed earlier than usual. Without a TV and phone, social networks and the possibility to talk, a person simply falls asleep, turns off.

"I woke up, looked at myself in the mirror and realized that I suddenly looked better. Usual tiredness disappeared, my eyes stopped hurting, my sleep became longer and deeper, my sleeplessness was gone. In general, my physical condition got normal, which with my lifestyle and pace happens not so often".

Without media, time slows down.
You get plenty of time. Actions, feelings, thoughts - everything happens more slowly.

“Probably, what is important in the experiment is not silence as such, but an attempt of voluntary self-restraint”.

Seven days
Do not choose a convenient time. Let it be ordinary days with work, study, days off. Meet people, lead a usual and routine lifestyle. Abort the experiment in case of force majeure: your safety and the safety of your loved ones is more important than any science.
You can read books, listen to live music. No headphones, screens or oral conversations even with yourself. Get yourself a paperblock - try to keep records throughout the day, record events and your feelings right on spot.
As a rule, the description of one day takes one or two A4 pages. Mention what is important - for you and the others. Pay attention to physical conditions, the reaction of others, changes in yourself and others, perception of time.
When done, send it to diariesofsilence@gmail.com
When Frida Kahlo had an accident and was bedridden, she asked to hang a mirror over her bed so she could paint self-portraits, because for months without movement, she and her inner world have become her main subject of research.

With silence, there happened just the same: when I was re-reading my diary, I realized that it was not about the experiment, or even about the events of this week, but about me. I don’t know where a longer digging would have led me, but staying alone with myself for a while was a wonderful opportunity to clear karma, mentally unload , set priorities - you can call the off mode in communication with the world as you like. So it’s a good idea, I think, to conduct such experiments a couple of times a year".

Experiment author - Anton Gumenskiy
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